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Het project Poëzie Op Pootjes is inmiddels afgesloten. De subsidie is helaas beëindigd. Er kunnen geen gedichten meer worden ingestuurd.


Leni Dipple

My father was a Dutch nurseryman, and like many Dutchmen of his generation, he emigrated to England to broaden his business horizons, and where he married my English mother. I have a background in european literature, and my husband and I founded the business 'Mole Jazz' in London. I have green fingers like my father, and on my husband's death in 1994, I started to develop a life in France closer to the soil. I moved permanently to the Perigord in 2002 when my two daughters became independent.
I have been in the Hague since November 2010 trying to finish a collection of poetry about my Dutch roots. I have worked extensively in the arts to bring poetry to a wider audience, including a commission for the BBC, a 'Year of the Artist' award, and currently a paper on the relationship between organic farming and poetry for a congress in South Korea this autumn.

inzending 2011: 'HELLO' TO THE HAGUE
(origineel in het engels; vertaling onder gedicht)